5 Ways to Stop Anxiety

So many people around the globe suffer from anxiety. As its definition clearly states, anxiety is a term for several disorders that result in nervousness, worrying, apprehension and also fear. These symptoms are not at all very easy to live with. In order for one to live a much comfortable life they just have to stop living with anxiety, however, rest assured it is not an easy thing to do and do not expect to do that is a fraction of a second or some minutes. Here are some of the ways on how to stop anxiety.


  1. Talking to someone

Form a habit of talking to someone when you have anxiety, try and find a friend or a relative who you have total trust in and talk about your issues with them. As you know that your mind is in control of your body. Talking to someone is a form of distraction to what is in your mind that causes anxiety.


  1. Aerobic


Have the habit of doing exercises, especially when you are having anxiety.When you are having anxiety, the body tends to produce so much adrenaline and the only best way to use it is by doing exercise, preferably aerobic.Exercises not only burn stress hormones but also reduces excess energy by tiring your muscle, releases endorphins that help in improving your mood and also helps in breathing well.


  1. Involve yourself with what relaxes you.


Nearly all of us do have something, when you do you feel relaxed. The secret to stop anxiety when you are having an episode is simply to whatever relaxes you as soon as possible and do not wait any longer. If getting a massage is your thing do it immediately when you have the episode instead of waiting any longer. Some say oolong and matcha tea benefits includes calming someone down, maybe take a shot on warm drinks like tea. 


  1. Breath control


It has been proven that a huge number of individuals who suffer from anxiety are the one that having a very bad breathing habit. To stop anxiety, you just have to control your breathing. This can be done taking deep breaths and slowing your breathing pattern. Learn how to breathe slowly through the noses for 5 seconds and hold your breath for three seconds. The above technique of breathing is known as hyperventilating, which is a common problem with people with anxiety.


  1. Listen to music.


Good and relaxing music can also do the trick when faced with anxiety. The music should not only be some of your favorites but the ones that make you feel happy while listening to them. Generally speaking, music affects our mood, when someone is sad and at the same time you are listening to sad music it will help you be sad. So, when you are anxious, listen to music that will make you better than how you are at that moment.


As mentioned earlier, anxiety is not something that you can stop overnight, but a process that one has to learn over some time. This can be achieved by getting acquainted with some of the few mentioned tricks above and in the process fight your anxiety. Not only will it improve your life in general, but also help you be very optimistic toward life.